Schlotzsky’s – Teams Up With Terry Bradshaw

Schlotzsky’s® Teams Up With Terry Bradshaw To Share Exercises To Get Customers Into Sandwich Eating Shape

This At-Home “Train for a Mouthful” Regimen Will Prepare Fans for Schlotzsky’s New, Meatier Sandwiches Launched this Month

ATLANTA, GA (StLouisRestaurantReview) The last twelve months have made us clench.  With COVID-19 increasing jaw pain by 12%1, our mouths are tight, and our molars are ground to stubs.  To help fans loosen their jaws, fast-casual restaurant brand Schlotzsky’s has partnered with Pro Football Hall of Famer (and no stranger to training) Terry Bradshaw to develop and demonstrate a line of mouth muscle moving exercises, just in time for its new, meatier sandwiches that recently launched.

The “Train for a Mouthful” routine consists of three exercises – The Breadlift, The Chew Chew, and The Stacks on Deck – all to help prepare you to prepare for a mouthful of sandwich:

  • The Breadlift: Think bicep curl, but better. Instead of holding dumbbells, grab your Schlotzsky’s sandwich, curl at the elbows, stretch your jaw wide, and take a bite.
  • The Chew Chew: This variation of the shoulder press will help not only your rotator cuff but also your triceps! Hold two sandwich halves on either side of your head.  Lift your hands to the sky, lower back down, then rotate your neck to the left, and take a bite.
  • The Stacks on Deck: To improve your arm strength and stretch out your core, grasp an Original in each hand, push your arms out to the side, bring the sandwiches back in and take a bite.

“It’s no secret that I always have a mouthful to say, so when the opportunity came up to help Schlotzsky’s fans train their mouths, I couldn’t say no,” said Terry Bradshaw.  “My family and I have been eating Schlotzsky’s sandwiches for years, so any workout where I can enjoy my go-to – The Original with jalapenos – is a workout made just for me.”

“It’s been a stressful year, and we can all use a little bit of fun these days.  That is why we’re excited to team up with sports legend Terry Bradshaw to create the Train for a Mouthful regimen,” said Tory Bartlett, Chief Brand Officer, Schlotzsky’s.  “We are providing customers with an engaging way to prepare for and enjoy Schlotzsky’s new, meatier sandwiches.  With even more protein piled high atop freshly baked sourdough bread, our sandwiches are a delicious mouthful that guests have been enjoying for 50 years.”

For customers who want to try these new, enormous sandwiches for themselves, Schlotzsky offers the “Bradshaw BOGO” promotion all weekend long, from April 29 through May 22.  The “Bradshaw BOGO” offers guests the Schlotzsky’s app a free medium sandwich with the purchase of a medium sandwich.

Schlotzsky’s recently launched their first-ever national integrated campaign, “It’s a Mouthful.”  The campaign unveils larger, meatier sandwiches at all Schlotzsky’s restaurants across the country and nods to our beloved name that alone is a mouthful.  The campaign hero is the abundant and flavorful sandwich that started it all in 1971, The Original.  The Original has 13 unique ingredients, including lean smoked ham with Genoa & Cotto salamis, cheddar, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, black olives, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and our signature sauce – all served on our toasted house-made sourdough bun.

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